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Specialized in Exhaust Ventilation


 Canadian Made



Special Gas Vent, Condensing & Non-Condensing for category I, II, III, IV and type BH Class I, II.

AL29-4C material Max Temp. 550°F/288°C



5"-36" DuraStack Model DIS/DAS is a modular double-wall positive pressure chimney system. Factory built for boiler breeching, engine exhaust, and chimney stack. Grease duct (DIS only)

Zero Clearance Grease Duct

Fire-rated (DIS3Z) significantly reducing installation footprint and frees up space for other use. No need to build an expensive fire-rated chase or apply two layer of fire wrap typically required for welded steel grease duct designs

DuraStack Pro

Low and High-Pressure Steam Boilers; Diesel and Turbine Exhaust; Building Heating Equipment. Industrial Furnaces; Processing Equipment; Kilns and Ovens.


Polypropylene venting products for high-efficiency condensing appliance installations. Chloride free, environmentally safe. Listed to ULC-S636


All-fuel, double-wall 1" chimney system. ULC S629, ULC S604 and ULC S610 for wood, coal, oil or gas for Fireplace & Stoves



Residential chimneys & gas vent options for all appliance type including chimney Liners in both rigid & flex (Aluminum and Stainless Steel)

Mechanical Draft Solutions​


Mechanical Draft Solutions when faced with a venting design problem



"To Vent, with what type of Vent," that is the question for each of the 4 category (I, II, III & IV) applications.


AllVent Solutions, can provide the answers to all your venting concerns. From simple residential stock solutions to more complex commercial concerns. We specialize in Commercial Venting Supply and can now provide a complete package from design stage (including draft calculations and budget), finishing with an actual on-site AutoCAD layout and proposal for ease of installation and to satisfy all industry professionals.


From mechanical engineers and contractors to building owners, we have all the necessary tools and professionals to answer any venting inquiry. Intelligent combustion analytics will give you confidence in the knowledge that the project is being done correctly.


As a manufacturer’s representative, we have the assistance and support of our leading manufacturer M&G DuraVent, who bring their proven experience in tackling any application successfully. We are the exclusive brand distributor in Central and South Western Ontario.


  • Engineering Services: Personalized system designs offer comprehensive CAD submittal drawings with a complete bill of materials.


  • Custom Parts: If your project requires innovative solutions, AllVent Solutions can assist with custom parts that meet your specific project needs.


  • Type BH for Condensing Applications: Each DuraSeal® vent length and component features our Secure Lock system and Viton® o-ring gasket, which ensures a gas- and water-tight system. Parts are easily pushed and fastened together instantly and effortlessly. DuraSeal can be taken apart and easily reassembled, making inspection, maintenance or rerouting of DuraSeal systems simple and straightforward.


  • Model DS for Single wall or DSD for Double wall: DuraSeal® provides an extensive range of components and accessories, made of stainless steel, allowing any type of installation. On top of the common components, we also offer special parts that help simplify installation, such as the 2-degree elbow and 43-degree tee (simplifying pitching on a horizontal vent) or the 18" and 36" adjustable lengths (to help maximize ease of installation). Connecting the DSD to a heater is effortless with one of the many adaptors approved by heating appliance manufacturers. Heating equipment can be operated immediately upon completing a DuraSeal installation, as no cure time or cleanup is required.



Sam Mellace

General Manager

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Marco Di Marco

Project Manager



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